How Painting Can Hide Wall Imperfections and Visually Alter Room Proportions

One common reason for painting a house interior is to redecorate it with new colours for a fresh look. But repainting rooms can also achieve other aims, such as disguising less-than-perfect walls or giving the illusion of larger or smaller spaces. Read on to see how you can achieve these aims with paint. Disguising Wall Imperfections The walls in your house might niggle at you every time you notice crumbly plaster or rough drywall.

Two tips to follow if you've hired an exterior painter for the first time

Here are some tips to follow if you've just booked the services of an exterior painter for the first time. Tell them in advance if there are any outdoor features near your exterior walls It's important to let the exterior painter know if there are outdoor features near the walls you're going to have them paint. You should do this in advance so that they have time to prepare for painting the wall surfaces beside these features.